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The quickest way to get help is to post in the comments section for that deal or coupon. You should see a response shortly from a Dealsbargain user or from one of our Dealsbargain expert team member.

Thank you for your bringing it our attention
Please post in the comments section of that coupon with a detailed account of your experience. It may have expired before we were able to remove it from our Dealsbargain site. Retailers often do not clarify how long a deal or code will last. We test coupons throughout the day and do our best to remove them from our Dealsbargain site as quickly as possible when as they expire.
At Dealsbargain, we don't actually sell anything. Instead, we serve as a resource to help you to save money as a smart shopper with online purchases or at a brick-and-mortar store by comparing prices, alerting you to awesome deals, and giving you a shortcut to expert-tested coupon codes.
We do our best to send our email alerts out as soon as possible each day, typically no later than 1.00 pm - 2.00 pm CST. If you are not receiving our emails until the evening or later, the cause is most likely your email provider. We have been notified that our emails have been delayed for some Gmail users. In those cases, Gmail has had the email for many hours but is simply slow to deliver and receiving first time could have been, it might be in spam folder, Please make sure Dealsbargain's email as safe sender list.
This is could be likely a case of the left hand not knowing what the right hand is doing. When you call a customer service agent for a particular store to inquire about deals or coupon codes, they may not know what you are talking about and even go as far as to tell you our deals and codes are fraudulent. This is not the case. Customer service agents are not always aware of what deals or codes their store may offer for consumers. Please let us know about these instances in the comments section and we would be glad to resolve as much as possible and Make you as a happy customer
If you are interested in partnering with Dealsbargain to promote your products or services, please contact us via email at and we would glad to bring on-board as a partner to grow together

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You'll need to contact the retailer to make a return or get a refund. Since Dealsbargain doesn't actually sell anything, we can't access information about your purchase. We recommend that you check your bank records, your order confirmation, or the details in the deal for more information on the retailer.

Click the below button , Fill out the information and we'll email you back as soon as we can. We do our best to respond within one business day.

When you buy one of our deals or use one of our coupons, we may receive a small commission on the sale. It doesn't affect the price you pay. Because you're never buying directly from us, we have no access to your order history or credit card information. If you want to learn more about how the business works, we go into more detail about the inner workings of Dealsbargain here.

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Dealsbargain team of deal experts scours the web every day, 365 days a year, to find you the best deals on just about everything. They also blog on the latest in smart shopping and personal finance. Here's the other stuff you should know about us: We don't actually sell anything. Dealsbargain is a service, not a store. We set out to find the best price, no matter where it is.

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